VDO Printer Rolls

1381-90030300VDO Printer Rolls
Original VDO Printer Paper has been especially developed for the extreme environment in vehicles and the requirements by law.


  • Each single roll has a length of 8 metres and is seperately packed in a foil protected from light and humidity.
  • Our printer paper is finished without glue and core. Thus paper jams will be avoided and at the end of the roll no core will remain in the paper compartment.
  • Due to the high paper quality and the protective foil it is ensured that the paper will work properly after a longer storage period in the vehicle - even if temperatures over 95 C arise in the vehicle.
  • Printouts which have been printed on our quality paper will remain legible over 3 years, if stored appropriately.

We recommend using only Original VDO Printer Paper. Thereby the trouble-free operation of your tachograph and your whole fleet will be ensured.


The Original VDO Printer Paper has the approval for the following digital tachographs:
VDO [e1] 84
Actia [e2] 25
Stoneridge [e5] 0002

The approvals are valid in all EU member states including the adjacent countries (AETR signatories).

Original VDO Printer Paper is available at over 10,000 sales outlets worldwide.

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