TIS-Web Download Kit

60730403TIS-Web Download Kit
This kit consists of a DLK Pro Download , a Smart Card Reader and a TIS-Web account. The kit also includes full instructions on how to use the kit.

This solution is all you need to start analysing your tachograph and driver card data, as well as meeting the future legislative requirements to archive the data.

The tachograph data is downloaded using the DLK Pro Downloadkey and the driver card data is downloaded using the smart card reader. The data is then transferred to the VDO TIS-Web account.

By logging onto your TIS-Web account (full instructions supplied) you can run a number of reports.

The account comes pre-loaded with credits for 250 chart equivalents (1 Volume Block) , this being enough for 1 vehicle for 1 year.

The advantage about the web service is that the management and back up of the software is the responsibility of VDO. You also have the confidence that even with changes to legislation you are always running the most up to date software so there is no need for any expensive local software updates.

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