Basic Download Kit

2910002157301Basic Download Kit
This solution consists of a DLK Pro downloadkey, a box of three printer rolls and full instructions on what a fleet manager needs to do.

DLK Pro Downloadkey

The DLK Pro downloadkey is used to download the data from the digital tachograph as well as the Drivers card. The DLK Pro comes ready to use but can also be configured using the software supplied.

There is enough storage space on the DLK Pro for an average of 1 or 2 vehicle operations to store the data for several years.

It is easy to upgrade from the download starter kit to TIS-Web which will enable you to run a number of analysis reports.

Printer Rolls

Each pack of printer rolls is individually wrapped in foil to protect from light and humid conditions. The paper is of high quality and is fully approved for the use in VDO, Stoneridge and Actia Digital Tachographs. The printouts will remain legible for over three years if correctly stored.

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